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Jaeger + Haines provides commercial insurance products to licensed insurance agents. We do not sell insurance directly to insureds. If you are an insured, please contact a licensed insurance agent to obtain a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions    
What types of insurance does Jaeger + Haines write?
We write commercial lines business including but not limited to: General Liability, Property, Auto, Inland Marine, Umbrella & Excess Liability, Professional, and much more. Please refer to our product list in our Commercial Property & Casualty and Commercial Auto sections for more details.

In what states does Jaeger + Haines write insurance?
We are licensed to write insurance in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

How can I do business with Jaeger + Haines?
Simply fill out a Broker's Questionnaire and return it for approval.

On approval, we will send you a Brokerage Agreement which must be signed and returned along with a completed form W-9, a copy of your agent license, and a copy of your E&O Insurance declarations page. Tennessee agents: a copy of your surplus lines license is also required.

How can I obtain a quote?
Licensed insurance agents can obtain a quote from us through the following methods:
Call us at 800-632-0342 or 479-521-2551.
Fax your completed application to us at 479-521-3195.
Email addresses may be obtained by contacting us directly.

What applications do I need to obtain a quote?
We accept ACORD and most other company applications to obtain a quote. You can access our company specific and supplemental applications by going to the Applications page on our website. Company specific or supplemental applications may be required if coverage is bound.

Do I have binding authority?

How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?
Send us the complete name and mailing address of the certificate holder, along with the insured's name and policy number. We will issue the certificate and send you a copy.

How do I report a claim?
Simply fill out a loss notice and send it to us.